Winter Warmer 2020   --   Sweetwoods Golf Club   --   24th March 2020  --   ---O7:30 Meet--- --  Members £35.00.
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Society Rules

Horley & District Golf Society


Ratified by the members at the 2010 AGM.

Amended by the members at the 2016 AGM


The Society shall be known as the Horley & District Golfing Society referred to as “the society” for the contents of this document.


Officers can be either female or male.

The Society and its finances shall be placed in trust of the committee.

The committee consist of the society Captain, Vice-Captain, Secretary and Handicap Secretary.

Election of Officers

Members of the committee will be elected at the A.G.M.

They must be proposed and seconded by members present at the AGM.

The only exception will be the Society Captain who will be the previous incumbent Vice Captain.

Three members of the committee shall form a quorum.


The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year in the month of January (or such a date as decided by the committee).


An E.G.M. can be called and organised by the committee and membership to discuss matters that are urgent to the society


The annual subscription shall be £15.00.

The committee shall at their discretion have full power to vary the annual subscription.


1. No person may become a member unless:

(a) He or she has been recommended by a current member.

(b) He or she has paid his or her subscription.

2. Each member of the Society shall be deemed to submit to the rules and act in accordance therewith.

3. Any member whose subscription has not been paid before playing a game in the society will not be entitled to any prizes he or she may have won.

4. New members of the society must join prior to the last 6 events of the year.

5. Previous members of the society can rejoin at any time throughout the year.

6. Members shall adhere to the rules of golf as laid down by the R&A.


New members cannot win the 1st competition they enter.

There shall be Nine competitions held throughout the year the venue and day format will be decided by the trophy owner (if available).

Each competition will include a nearest the pin in 2, nearest the pin & longest drive prize. These tprizes will be eligible to be competed for by all competition attendees.

(a) Winter Warmer

(b) JayKay 21              

(c)             Janbry Bowl           

(d)            H&DGS Salva       

(e)             Henderson Trophy

(f)              Captains Day

(g)            Malcolm Memorial Trophy

(h)            Mitchells Cup

(i)              Christmas Cup      

In addition to the above competitions there will be 4 separate competitions:

· Top 6 scores of all society days played.

· League table consist of allocated points for position.

· H&DGS Challenge. An 18 hole accumulative challenge.

· Markers Trophy


The maximum handicap for men shall be 28.

The maximum handicap for ladies shall be 36.

Handicaps will be calculated by the Handicap Secretary.

A deduction of 15% shall be given for a win, a deduction of 10% shall be given for 2nd place and a deduction of 5% shall be given for 3rd place.

An increase of 1 will be given to any player scoring less than 25 points

New male members shall start with the maximum handicap of 28. New lady members 36 unless  in both cases they have an official club handicap.

The Committee shall have power to adjust the handicaps of members irrespective of handicaps in other clubs or societies.

A revision of the handicaps shall take place at the start of each season. The Max increase will be 3 shots.

The revision committee will consist of the handicap secretary, Captain and another member.

Review for 2019 will be as follows

Average scores of all games played will be taken.

A minimum of 5 events must be attended.

Members that feel that they need to discuss their handicap must contact the committee prior to the 1st event.

Adjustment Protocol

Yearly Average of:

25—27 = +3

28—30 = +2

31 = +1

Society members cannot exceed the handicap given officially by their club. They must inform the handicap secretary if this is the case.

Submission of Score Cards

Cards must be clearly marked with:

Players name & handicap.

A legible score for both player and marker.

A player and marker signature.

It is the player’s responsibility to submit their score cards after participating in a competition.

All competition cards must be submitted BEFORE the presentation of prizes to be eligible.

The Committee cannot be held responsible for players submitting late cards.


Any point or points of dispute arising shall be settled by the committee and their decision final.

Local Rules

Every member of the society MUST abide by the local rules of each golf course that the society participates on. If available these rules will be posted on the society web site.


It is the responsibility of the winners to ensure that the trophies are returned to the committee for engraving and to ensure that the trophies are kept in a satisfactorily condition.

Christmas Competition

The end of season Christmas competition dinner will be held at a venue of the members choice Food and  or drink will be supplied and funded by the society. A minimal cost may be required to cover any extra outlay. All current members will be invited.

Society Rule Amendments.

Alterations to the society rules can only be done at the A.G.M. or E.G.M. and must consist of 2/3 of the current or previous members present.